Police Arrest 38 000 Border Jumpers
2 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Police say they have arrested 38 000 for border jumping during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions when the government banned intercity and cross border travelling.

In a statement Monday, the police said the number of the people arrested accumulated from the 1st of July when they launched operation “No to Cross Border Crimes”.

“Police arrested 176 people for cross border-related crimes while 106 others were arrested under operation, code-named, ‘Usalama
A total of 38 000 people have been arrested, since the inception of operation ‘No to Cross Border Crimes/ Fhasi Ngamilandu Yamukanoni Yamashango/ Mhosva Pamiganhu Ngadzipere/ Amacala Kawaphele Emingceleni Eelizwe,” said the police.