Mnangagwa Wanted To Bribe Us With Cash, Cars – MDC Alliance
3 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa tried in vain to bribe MDC Alliance officials with cash and vehicles it has emerged.

According to MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende , Mnangagwa relentlessly tried to bribe senior MDC Alliance officials with cash, gold mines and farms but he dismally failed to capture the people’s struggle.

Mnangagwa is spending sleepless nights trying to moot ways of destroying the MDC Alliance.

Political analysts say Mnangagwa is deeply concerned about President Nelson Chamisa’s rising influence.

“We have our own shortcomings as opposition leaders and human beings but President Morgan Tsvangirai taught us one thing: To Never Sell Out The People’s Struggle.

ED offered us millions of USD$, cars, offices, farms and gold mines in order for him to destroy the MDC Alliance but we refused. After the refusal he has gone after every business and employment opportunity that comes our way and the system has ensured that genuine opposition leaders don’t get any employment or business.

They have made it even difficult for our party to get a lease agreement to rent a place to stay or even open a bank account. But we march on until victory,” Hwende said in a statement.

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende