Stop Hoodwinking Citizens With Freebies
4 August 2021

Zimbabweans don’t want donations Fantan, they want an economy that works so that they can buy whatever they want for themselves!

As a native of Mbare yourself, you are stripping your fellow brothers and sisters of their dignity by reducing them to being recipients of cheap donations!

They want hospital care, they want jobs, they want clean water, they want regular electricity, they want roads without potholes, they want a public transport system that works!
Are you going to get all that donated too?

You can’t rob through looting from public funds and then expect your victims to be thankful when you drop crumps, cheap blankets!

Have some respect for your people and fight for them to own their lives and not be beggars and recipients of cheap and insulting donations!

Get your new friend to ask his father to fix the economy by stopping corruption so that the young people in Mbare can look after themselves!

Any Zimbabwean who applauds this is an Idiot without self-respect for both themselves and these people who are being humiliated!

Ask yourselves why these people are living like rats!
Who is responsible?

Why do they need donations? Who is responsible?

Musa remare pfungwa mhani vafanha!!! [don’t be crazy]
Hopewell Chin’ono’

Hopewell Chin’ono