“Stop Feeding Street Kids”: City Of Harare Urges The Public
5 August 2021

By A Correspondent- The City of Harare has urged members of the public to desist from giving food to street children, saying this does more harm than good.

In a statement on Twitter on Wednesday morning, Harare City Council said giving street kids money and food items entices the homeless children to the streets thereby compromising the city fathers’ efforts to rehabilitate the minors.

Council said rather than dishing out cash and food items to street kids, members of the public should channel money and foodstuffs to rehabilitation centres and children’s homes.

The statement read:

Council urges residents to support efforts to rehabilitate street children. Often residents continue to give foodstuffs to children on the streets. This entices the children to the streets.

Residents can support these centres and help our children off the streets. Let’s not support a culture of street begging.

Rehabilitation centres empower the children with life skills and prepare them for a better future.