Hands Off Our Councillor- MDC Alliance Tells Zanu PF
8 August 2021



The arrest of Cllr Taiti Busumani of Nyaminyami Rural District Council Ward 3 is not only illegal and unlawful but also political.

Councillor Taiti Busumani has excelled beyond expectation and ZANU PF is feeling threatened by the excellence and brilliance exhibited by this hardworking MDC Alliance Councillor hence the plot to scupper his clean record.

It is a shameful lie that Councillor Busumani was not involving the local leadership.For the record,Cllr Busumani has worked with his local leadership from the onset resulting in the fruition of countless projects in the ward.

The Constituency is a pro-MDC Alliance one hence the electorate and the party deployees work hand in glove.It is a fallacy to allege that Our Councillor was working in solitude without the local leadership yet the MDC Alliance lives and survives in the people.

The fact that the police illegally detained Cllr Taiti Busumani for three consecutive days without preferring a charge clearly exposes the political nature of these allegations.They detained him without a cause and were running around like headless chicken hoping to find a charge to nail him with but couldn’t find any.

It’s a shame in this day and age that the police force is reduced to a mediocre police force by some overzealous elements who choose to weaponise the law.

We wonder who could have instituted Cllr Taiti Busumani’s arrest when there was no complainant at all.We understand that Cllr Busumani was audited by the Council Auditors and also Auditors from the Ministry of Local Government and was found clean as a whistle.Arresting and detaining him without prefering charges is therefore a violation of his fundamental human Rights.

It is an open secret that the ZANU is clamouring for a by-election in the MDC Alliance controlled wards hence witchunting shamelessly even when they find no fault.

We therefore maintain our Councillor’s innocence and maintaining that it is nothing but sheer witchunting meant to villify him and a violation of his freedoms and liberties.

The only crime Cllr Taiti Busumani committed according to ZANU is to serve his ward wholeheartedly and to full fill his election promises which has not only pained but also given ZANU PF sleepless nights.

We would like to make it categorically clear and with no ambiguity whatsoever that as The MDC Alliance Mashonaland Best Province we will keep on delivering the best that we promised our electorate.We are relentless in our quest to full fill our election promises.The weaponisation of the Law to detail us will not stop us whatsoever!!!


Mandava Blessing
Provincial Spokesperson

Councillor Busumani