Chamisa Denies Links Deported UK Thieves
9 August 2021

By A Correspondent- The Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance has distanced the party from alleged links to 14 Zimbabwean nationals who were deported from Britain last month.

 The party’s UK and Ireland Provincial Research and Public Policy Portfolio Secretary Danmore Sithole said they were not related to the thugs.

Sithole responded to articles written by one Masimba Mavaza and published by a local website claiming that the MDC Alliance UK and Ireland chapter is associated with criminals. Said, Sithole:

Dr Masimba Mavaza, between 20 July and 5 August 2021, penned seven articles shamelessly linking the deported criminals to MDC Alliance.

In his most recent article, he dared to call MDC Alliance supporters rogues.

He marks his crossing of the red line by the article entitled “Mass deportations exposes MDC’s double standards”, published in the Bulawayo 24 News on 20 July 2021. 

Besides attacking MDC Alliance specifically, he also makes offensive remarks about the general Zimbabwean community in the UK.

What motivates him to be such a dishonest busybody? Mandla Khumalo in his article entitled “The truth about Dr Masimba Mavaza” published in the Bulawayo 24 News on 23 February 2021, states boldly that Dr Mavaza is a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative planted in the UK to destabilise the opposition.

It boggles the mind how Masimba Mavaza, who is ZANU PF lock, stock and barrel, can associate MDC Alliance with criminals without providing any shred of evidence.

In any case, the crimes committed by these criminals seem to be from the Gukurahundi manual. He cannot get away with soiling the excellent name of MDC Alliance in the UK while he sings for his supper.

Sithole alleges that “Masimba Mavaza is a heartless conman” who duped him £1 400 in 2010 when he wanted to renew his visa, which was about to expire the following year.