Kwekwe Lady Raped By Four Knife-Wielding Men
14 August 2021

By A Correspondent- A Kwekwe woman, who had visited her lover in Bulawayo’s North End suburb, was stripped nak_ed and se_xually assaulted by four men at knifepoint.

The 26-year-old visited her lover, and upon arrival, her lover told her that she had to sleep at a lodge because there were visitors at the house.

Later on, at night, around 8 pm, her lover asked her to come as the visitors had left. She boarded a Honda Fit and sat in the front seat beside the driver.

“There was a male person who was sitting on the back passengers’ seat, unbeknown to her, two male persons were in the boot,” said a source.

They left and headed to her lover’s place. However, the driver drove into a bush.
He stopped the car in the bush and while she was trying to figure out what was happening, the guy who was sitting behind her pointed a knife at her and told her to do as told.
Two men got out of the boot of the car.
One of the guys tore apart her blouse, while the other guy removed her skirt and tore her panties.
They told her to kneel down and then took turns to rap_e her.

After se_xually violating her, they robbed her of her US$20 R300 and a cellphone. They also took her handbag, which contained two pairs of jeans, a pink dress and a pair of black Adidas tracksuits.

They fled with the loot, leaving her in the bush. She reported the matter at Khumalo police base.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.