Mliswa Predicts Big Surprise In 2023 Elections
15 August 2021

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has predicted a big surprise in the 2023 elections saying the youth vote will constitute 50 percent.

Mliswa said only a massive turn out of ‘unhappy’ youths to vote will stop the military from interfering in the elections.

Below is Mliswa’s Twitter thread:

1/ Zim youth will speak in 2023. “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo. I’m crystal clear about that. They’re watching what is going on, they know there are leaders who are brutal, who can kill and persecute @YARDzim2023

2/ So 2023 will be one big surprise and no one will do anything about it. Even the military which some may perceive will be involved, will not when the people come out in their numbers.

3/The youth vote will be big. YARD stats are very clear. In 2013 the youth vote was 5%. Mobilisation, through the various political party youth structures to raise awareness for youth participation and voter registration began. This exercise saw the youth vote rise to 30% in 2018

4/ Come 2023, you’re looking at the youth vote constituting over 50% of the total voters. You can’t stop that wave, you can’t stop that wave! Everything points to the fact that they’re not happy. @ZANU_PF_YL @MDCYouthAssembl @moysarzim @zimyouthcouncil

5/ Nothing is being addressed. Review Statements from ministers are political, there is no execution or implementation. Cabinet does not review the budget itself to see how they’ve performed. Resultantly, you have a big problem in all these areas.