Khaya Moyo And Ian Smith, Commander Cecilia Chimbiri Speaks
26 August 2021
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What ZANU PF spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo said that Zimbabwe will never be run by the opposition has proved an empty theory, MDC Alliance Youth National Chair (Acting) Cecilia Chimbiri writes.

With a bold face Ian Smith once said: “I don’t believe in majority rule ever in Rhodesia… not in a 1,000 years.”

Cecilia Chimbiri

He said white rule would last for a li years, but this prophecy was destined to be drowned in bloodshed. .

People like Simon Khaya Moyo and Emerson Mnangagwa will only be remembered as a small-minded Canutes. For those of you who have come across the story of Danish king of England (Canute).

He is only remembered for standing in front of the sea in order to show people that he was not able to order the water that was moving in towards the land to turn back. The story is often changed to suggest that Canute really thought that he could turn back the sea.

It can’t and it won’t if these Canutes do not realize that a wave of change and its winds are sweeping inexorably across Africa . #RegisterToVote