“Get Teachers Vaccinated At Their Work Stations”: LEAD
27 August 2021
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Everjoy Chidindi

Press Statement on lockdown extension

The extension of the level 4 Lockdown is a benefit to preserve lives from the deadly #covid19 pandemic yet it is important that as LEAD we show our gratitude to the move of reopening schools.

This clearly is going to help socioeconomic livelihoods of Zimbabwean citizens. Cognizant of how the virus spreads like veld fire, it is imperative for our government to consider getting teachers vaccinated at their work stations to address the plight of students which is being overlooked.

This would help in curbing the spread of Covid19, following all measures focusing on the reopening of schools before officially moving to the next level. To add on, as Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) we feel that the extension of the Level 4 Lockdown should be eased and allow for sporting activities to resume to save sporting careers given that active cases and infections are decreasing and a high number of the population has been vaccinated.

By partially opening some social activities shows how the cabinet is trying to be considerate to the challenges the citizens are facing due to the lockdown restrictions. We always have been greatly concerned with the side effects of the lockdown as they overshadow the benefits however this move postulated concern over citizens.

The idea of teenagers stuck at homes unoccupied was giving us chills in the spine, as it has been increasing cases of children giving birth to children being fathered by children.

We are now faced with a pandemic of child marriages, which we have been also tirelessly trying to curb.Hence the move of reopening schools calls for an applause to the government as it would help in occupying them.

Teenagers and all school going children need to be occupied so that they don’t end up experimenting with drugs and getting into crime for fun.

We understand and know that irresponsible and bad behaviour comes from not being occupied. Extending level 4 lockdown with accommodative regulations served as a sensitive move to the needs of the people.

One can take a position that it is going to result in the people facing challenges that will be problematic to the economy of our country however through accommodating measures announced last night they will be proved wrong.

As much as the government would like to look out for us as citizens of Zimbabwe, it doesn’t make sense not to die of Covid 19 but to die of starvation.

There had been a sharp increase in cases of young girls who are supposed to be in school being raped as they are spending too much time exposed to weak men they call their fathers, uncle’s, brothers and neighbours.

Our position is to appreciate government ‘s efforts of promoting development and protecting teenagers and children of this land who are facing a lot of challenges from domestic abuse, sexploitation, rape, child labour, harassment and a host of other vices because of the continuous lockdown which always left them in a vulnerable position.

The move of relaxing some aspects is considerate and sensitive and we applaud cabinet for considering the plight of students and school gong children.


LEAD Presidential Spokesperson