FULL THREAD: Mliswa Says Chris Mutsvangwa Plotted To Remove Chiwenga
29 August 2021
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Now for Chris Mutsvangwa’s political debacle. He visited the late General Edzai Chimonyo& told him that they should remove VP Chiwenga and Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri because they were not good. He, Mutsvangwa would get the VP position as the leader of the Zezuru.

He would later replace ED. Unfortunately he was recorded and the chat reported to the leaders. That is why the guy has been so silent& stupid when he speaks. The accusation against @mdczimbabwe over the arresting of War Vets is an example of him seeking to court favour with ED.

The man is dead in the water, politically, and has been since his shellacking in Norton where he got 4000 votes against my near 17, 000. This was despite his huge support from the Chinese community whom he has ties with since his Ambassadorial posting there years back.

He was given $1 million by the Chinese to campaign and 1000kgs of meat which he partisanly gave only to Zanu PF supporters. However we got @ZANUPF_Official T-shirts and gave to people so that they could get the meat. They ate the meat and still knew where to put the X.

Unfortunately even after the electorate rejected him @ZANUPF_Official put him in Politburo. It’s a no brainer because at the end of the day that structure is filled with an elite class that has no mass support& critically has a mentality at cross purposes with the electorate.

Today Mutsvangwa remains a Chinese ally& that makes him a security threat. Norton is littered with the Chinese because they thought he would win. Today he is into a pipeline deal with Eddie Cross benefitting himself whilst the War Veterans he represents are suffering.

It goes to show his abject incapacity as a leader. Am glad some of the War Veterans are waking up& standing up for their own issues. They should appoint their own leaders& not have them foisted on them. Even the Veterans League leadership should be of their own choosing.

The veterans have been used for over a long time by politicians. Today we are compensating whites whilst War Veterans are suffering; while Gukurahundi victims have not been paid anything. It’s unfortunate and shameful. Justice should prevail.

I remain the voice for the voiceless. This is not frustration but a search for justice. My tone might have changed but it’s for better governance. I’m able to review what I supported& what I supported is not where it should be.

People should not confuse my role as an MP with my personal relationship with the President. I’m just a messenger of what is being said. It’s better that I speak out and leaders know and take corrective measures instead of those who remain quiet wishing leaders to fail.