Bulawayo Records High Rabies Cases
2 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Bulawayo City Council has issued a rabies alert after four rabies cases have been recorded in the city.

In the latest council report, the local authority said people should be on high alert.

“Twelve dog notices were issued for various violations of the Bulawayo (Dog Control and Licensing) bylaws.
“The department was on high alert of rabid dogs as four cases of rabid dogs were reported in the city,” read the report.
Dog owners are encouraged to ensure that their dogs are vaccinated against rabies.
The Centre of Disease Control (CDC) says that rabies is deadly and can be transmitted after an individual is bitten by an infected animal.

Meanwhile, council said it has started clearing streams as part of mosquito control measures.

“The section started stream bank clearing along streams, clearing 990 metres along Bulawayo Spruit, Magwegwe West tributary 1 730 metres, Marisha 400 metres, Pumula East Stream 1 650 metres and 580 metres along National Foods Canal encountering moderate breeding of culicine mosquito. Spotters managed to investigate, Nguboyenja, Nketa Park, Davies, Mahomva and Bulawayo Spruit where moderate breeding was encountered,” read the report.

“The last mosquito season was marked by no availability of chemicals, which resulted in mosquito population increasing to unprecedented levels.
“Chemicals for the above activities needed to be prioritised.

-State media