Man Attacked By Robbers While Searching For Puppies
4 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A Zhombe man was attacked by six armed robbers at his homestead yesterday night while he was searching for his puppies.

Shepherd Maning (41) was outside at night when he was grabbed by the waist and neck by two unknown men while the other four surrounded him armed with spears and machetes.

Sources familiar with the incident told a local publication that the six robbers tied up Maning and his wife, demanding cash and a gun and threatening them with death.

He surrendered his phones and US$200 and they took US$2 800 and a gun from his car which was parked at his homestead and drove away leaving the victims tied up and locked inside their house.

The duo managed to free themselves and report the matter at Empress police station,.

No arrests have been made yet.