Access Forex Offers New Payment Service For Its Diaspora Customers
6 September 2021
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Access Forex

By A Correspondent- Through a service they have named Paytumi, money transfer company, Access Forex has created an ecosystem of products and services which promote investment focused remittances for people living in the diaspora.

The service will allow Zimbabweans living abroad to directly access products for building, farming, medical and other projects they are carrying out in their home country, without having to rely on a relative of friend to collect the money.

The team that developed the technology which supports this platform have described the service as a “game changer” for Zimbabweans that are looking to invest back home.

At the launch of the payment service, Access Forex Managing Director, Senziwani Sikhosana said the objective of this more inclusive strategy is to channel migrant remittances towards the savings and investment goals that accompany these flows of money.

“The broader goal Access Forex hopes to achieve with this strategy is to ensure that remittance funds are used for the intended purpose which is to improve the quality of life of recipients, and migrant families living abroad in a sustainable way.

People sending money from the diaspora have goals they are trying to achieve, paytumi will help them do that without the stress of having to deal with middlemen on the Zimbabwe end.”

Once a remitter has registered for the service, the platform allows one to complete transactions end to end, from searching for the product, purchasing it, to getting it delivered to your doorstep if needed, all at the lowest price which has been pre-negotiated with the merchants by Access Forex.

“You are not going to get a better deal in town than when you choose to pay using paytumi at checkout. We have created a ‘no-suprises’ environment. No more hidden fees, shortfalls and top-ups.

When it comes to getting the things that are important to you in Zimbabwe, there should be no surprises.

Instead, you get a simple, easy, transparent way to get the goods and services you need in Zimbabwe. Lobels was the first merchant to sign on for Paytumi and other household names in the have since followed suit.

“After seeing the huge success of our “Breakfast-on-Us” campaign in June which saw all new Access Forex clients receive a free delivery of 10 loaves of bread, we realized the investment ,value that this commodity brings and so did Lobels”.

Using paytumi, you can now control the purchase and supply of bread for your farm workers, employees, business or family in Zimbabwe.

The same applies for products and services in building, construction, healthcare and other consumables