Minister Loses Government Documents To Thieves
6 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Finance and Economic Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube’s lost government documents to thieves who broke into his official Toyota Land Cruiser V8 on Tuesday.

Unknown suspects committed the crime after the Minister’s driver and aide, Life Jejeje (43) and Emmanuel Samanga (43), parked at Culture Resort Centre in Hillside, Harare, to buy some foods.

Jejeje locked the car, and the two went away for 15 minutes. They returned to find the rear passenger door glass broken. They discovered that a black bag belonging to the Minister and containing two iPhones, US$1 000, international credit cards and various documents had been stolen.

CCTV footage showed that the suspects used a white Toyota Mark X whose number plates could be hardly seen. A dark and slim man disembarked from the car and broke into the Land Cruiser.

Although his face could not clearly show his fingerprints were picked by the Police.

Investigations are continuing.