Man Strips Down To Underwear Before Own Mother In Law
10 September 2021
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A woman rushed to Western Commonage Civil Court to seek an eviction order against her drunkard son-in-law who does not respect her as he moves around her house wearing boxer shorts.

Boxer strip exposes self to mother in law

He also verbally abuses her.

Sithulisiwe Mafu (56) said she regrets letting her son-in-law, Arnold Mpofu (29), move in. She said when she was approached by her daughter, who is married to Arnold, asking to put up at her place, she agreed and allowed them to stay at her cottage.

She said after about a month her son-in-law started doing gardening wearing only a boxer short and that prompted her to engage her daughter to talk to him, but her efforts fell on deaf ears because he did not change.

Mafu was left with no choice but to confront Mpofu, but things got worse as he started coming home drunk and insulting her.

She decided to turn to the courts.

“I’m applying for a protection order against my son-in-law whom I’m staying with because when he is relaxing at home or doing gardening he would be wearing a boxer short. I have told him on countless times that culturally it is taboo to wear a boxer short in the presence of your mother-in-law, but he would go to a booze when he returns in the evening he would shout at me while accusing me of ill- treating him saying he is paying rent he has a right to wear as he pleases,” said Mafu.

Mpofu said: “I wore a boxer short because I took Mafu as my mother and I saw nothing wrong by wearing a boxer short.”

The presiding magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja granted Mafu the eviction order which compels Mpofu to move out of the house after three months. In addition to that he was ordered not to verbally abuse his mother-in-law and to dress decently since he was still staying at her house. -B Metro