EFF Zim Showers ED With Praises
14 September 2021
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EFF Zim has commended the Government’s sterling works as it continues to steer infrastructure development, particularly the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme I & 2.

We are aware that phase I of roads rehabilitation remains a success and recently, the Cabinet approved that the department of roads in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development takes over a number of roads from urban councils.

The approved list of specified roads includes 16 roads in Bulawayo Metropolitan, 32 totalling 250km in Harare Metropolitan, nine totalling 25km in Manicaland, eight roads of 12km in Mashonaland Central, 38 totalling 84km in Mashonaland East, 20 totalling 45km in Masvingo Province, three totalling 7km in Matabeleland North, 19 totalling 301un in Matabeleland South and 27 totalling 125km in Midlands.

“As a party we are backing the government’s efforts for a developed Zimbabwe. We have realised that the second Republic is more about action than talking and abusing of social media on falsehoods. We are certain the roads rehabilitation process is a starting point for development.

Without roads nothing can be done or achieved. We need proper roads for instance to transport goods we produce from farms, mines, firms etc So it is very strategic and commendable that the government has prioritised rehabilitation of roads. This is a very correct foundation for the country to achieve government’s Vision2030″.

“We are also challenging every Zimbabwean to back these efforts on rehabilitation of our roads. We have following of mostly young people who are utilising roads, so it is an advantage to us as EFF Zim whereby our supporters will be utilising and benefitting from these rehabilitated roads.”

Meanwhile, we as EFF Zim we are supporting and wishing well to President ED Mnangagwa for his impending visit to UK.

“We are certain that this trip is not a personal trip but in the interest of our people countrywide. We are backing the president in this trip and we want to urge him to show the reality to the world that our country is portrayed wrongly and suffering sanctions unnecessary. We want him to personal show the UK how Zimbabwe is willing to partner with UK in development and alliances.

The uncalled for and unnecessary hostilities must be pushed aside and focus on best interest for our people. We have been following a very correct as a country in the international community re-engagement process. So this trip is a very correct cornerstone for our country and people.

We also call upon all Zimbabweans with people at heart and country at heart to submit positive points to the president so that he engages UK from a people driven perspective and show them how the unnecessary sanctions are destroying lives and families at a grassroot level.”

We would like to also commend the government for pioneering an excellent could-19 vaccination drive.

“It is so pleasing that our government is leading in this vaccination drive by doing what has been commended by the WHO, AU, EU and SADC. We know our detractors and stooges & puppets of Americans, MDC Chamisa do not sleep when our government is progressing and doing well.

We saw him in Zambia dismissing our spot-on vaccination drive that was so embarrassing and childish of him. When the world is commending your country as a leader you should be happy, but instead as always he wants himself to have glory always. As EFF Zim we will want to warn Chamisa against such behaviour.

Next time we won’t take lightly such an attitude. He must consider applying for an American citizenship than demonising everything that our government does. He forgets that he must be in prison for stealing MDC Alliance funds after he portrayed himself as a leader of the party of Douglas Mwonzora. Rather than demonising our government he must take back that money to MDC Alliance that he stole meant for political parties funds.”

We are also impressed with the way the devolution of power concept is taking shape. We call upon all State/Provincial ministers to play their party and make sure that the government’s efforts are reached. Our people at grassroot levels are in need of this programme for them to realize better and improved livelihoods.

Lastly, we would like to urge teachers not to be used by some detractors.

“Teachers have been getting their monthly pays despite that schools were closed. The government committed itself and kept paying them despite that they were not working for a long time. We believe it is unfair to embark on the strike while we are just opening schools.

They should address their grievances properly than to be used by other politicians. They should put the future of pupils forward than everything. If government tolerated them and gave them pays all along, why should they be used?”

We are also supporting the government’s efforts on land reform programme and also quality free education.

“In 2019, the government stated that there will be free education. We want those responsible for free education to start implementing the programme without fail. We are backing the president’s calls and supporting his efforts.”