Mthuli Ncube Is Out Of Touch With Ordinary Zimbabweans
15 September 2021
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By Nontokozo Malaba Ncube| Mthuli Ncube recently said that the Zimbabwean economy is recovering. People on the ground are wondering which economy is he talking about because they don’t see any recovery in their day to day lives. 

This is not the first time Mthuli has said something that is outside reality. Does he really believe the things he says or is he in competition with Nick Mangwana for the most fiction?  Which economy is he talking about? Maybe he is measuring this recovery using the economic activity that’s happening between the Zim government and the cartels through which money is being stolen? If he measured the economic recovery by looking at real people’s lives he would know that people are suffering. 

I have been following his tweets these past few days and have observed something very disturbing. Mthuli likes to tweet about all this fancy stuff about technologies, trend setting what’s happening in European countries, while ignoring the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans who want a real economy with real money not this RTGS monopoly money. He is more interested in sounding intelligent and looking like a visionary if the great African recovery which by the way will never happen so long as people like his boss Emmerson Mnangagwa are in charge. He doesn’t strike me as someone who knows anything about hard graft and struggling. He knows nothing about what it is like to be a single mother of three who is a vendor. 

We have heard enough nonsense from Mthuli Ncube. He is out of touch and a big part of the problem not the solution. Him, his boss Mnangagwa and the rest of the old planks in that government should bugger off after the next election. They have failed at everything dismally.