Vic Falls Businessman’s Benevolence Hailed By Local Community
16 September 2021
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By A Correspondent| People from tourist town of Victoria Falls have hailed Dr Paul Shambare for his benovelence saying such people are instrumental in society.

Known as Elder Shambare he is the director of Express Cargo, a company that deals with clearing and customs.

Last month on his birthday, Shambare donated to more than 60 families with elders constituting larger percentage of the beneficiaries.

“Giving is my calling and i want to thank God for that. My wish is to assist several elders from different corners of the country. They need our assistance,” Shambare said.

He added that this Covid 19 pandemic has left many people in need of assistance and therefore it was important for coperates and individuals to assist.

“We need to assist these elderly and opharns. I am calling upon several people from all coners of life to give a hand. Let us just go out there identify the need and assist,” he added.

Dr Shambare has been credited for promoting several musicians from Victoria Falls.

Before the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, he hosted several gigs with established musicians coming to Victoria Falls sharing stage with upcoming artistes.

During the Covid 19 lockdown, Dr Shambare hosted several virtual shows as a way of assisting musicians from Matebeleland South.

“As Express Cargo we also have a company Express Entertainment that is specifically for talent development and search. It also looks at the welfare of artistes and we are happy to be working with several musicians from all corners of the country” he added.

He said this year he will be hosting a christmas party for the elderly from Victoria Falls.