How ZUPCO Bus Conductor Was Killed
17 September 2021
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Campion Marowa (35) of Dzivaresekwa,...
Campion Marowa (35) of Dzivaresekwa.

A security guard, who shot dead a ZUPCO bus conductor in Dzivaresekwa on Monday night, was first caught red-handed draining 25 litres of diesel from buses at Eagle Liner Coaches garage and fired a gun shot towards the bus company’s two employees who pursued him, a court heard.

Campion Marowa (35) of Dzivaresekwa, Harare was allegedly armed with a 38 Astra Revoler loaded with four rounds of ammunition.

The State led by Mrs Heather Mhlanga had it that on the day in question at around 5pm, Marowa commenced night duty at Eagle Liner Coaches garage while armed with a 38 Astra revolver loaded with four rounds of ammunition.

On the same day, Nqobile Nsingo, who works at Eagle Liner Coaches, knocked off duty and went into Harare’s city centre to buy some items.

Nsingo later realised that he had left his jersey at the workplace and upon arrival, he knocked at the gate expecting Marowa, who was on duty to open for him, but there was no response, which prompted him to use another entrance.

The court heard that while Nsingo was within the premises, he noticed that security lights had been switched off.

Nsingo then switched on the lights and spotted Marowa at the diesel pump trying to reassemble the pump pipes.

It is alleged that there was a 20 litre plastic container and another separate five litre plastic container that had been filled with diesel.

Nsingo then allegedly phoned his employer, Alex Kautsiro, who instructed him to manhandle Marowa.

It is alleged that Marowa then threatened Nsingo with the revolver before he fled from the place towards the CBD. Nqobile Nsingo and Simbarashe Bhaureni then pursued him, the court heard.

Upon realising that he was being tracked, Marowa fired a shot scaring away Nsingo and Bhaureni.

The two backtracked and went to lodge a complaint at Milton Park police station. It is said that at around 8.45pm on the same day, Marowa boarded a Zupco bus (ACL3930) where the late Joy Moyo was a conductor.

Marowa was allegedly armed with the revolver loaded with three rounds of ammunition.

The court heard that when the bus reached its destination, Marowa, was among the last passengers to disembark.

Allegations are that when the late Moyo was said to be completing her log sheets, Marowa pulled the trigger and shot her on the head.

Marowa allegedly disappeared into the night.

He was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi, who remanded him in custody to September 30. -Herald