Sangoma’s Son Drinks Paraffin After Mistaking It For Coke
19 September 2021
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By A Corresondent- A sangoma and maskandi singer Kholeka Dlamini was left devastated after her son drank paraffin at a spaza shop and became very sick.

The 38-year-old said on 4 September, her two-year-old son drank paraffin out of a Coke bottle, thinking it was his favourite soft drink.

She said her son had gone to buy chips at the shop when he found the bottles outside and drank from one. Kholeka said she believed the child drank at least a cup of paraffin. She said she realised what had happened when he vomited and she could smell the paraffin.

“He was even struggling to walk and I decided to take him to Mamelodi Day Hospital. He was admitted and discharged on Wednesday 8 September,” she said.

“The doctors said he drank a lot of paraffin and his lungs were affected. He has a rash on his skin and he is not healthy.”

Kholeka said she was advised by doctors to give him food with lots of iron like liver, red meat, vegetables and meat.

“My son is still weak. He is struggling to play with other kids. He loses balance every time he tried to walk,” she said.

“I’m very disappointed in the shop owner because he has not even come to my home to check how my son is doing. It looks like he doesn’t care.”

Kholeka said she wanted the shop owner to be arrested. She said when she tried to open a case with the police, cops refused to help her.

Her husband Mxolisi Xingile (44) said he was very angry.

“The shop owner is not showing any remorse. This was pure negligence and I want justice,” he said.

Mamelodi West police spokesman Captain Johannes Maheso said: “An inquiry into the matter has been registered and it will be investigated. The family will be updated on the outcome of the investigation.”