FULL THREAD: Chamisa Comes Face To Face With Poverty On The Countryside
20 September 2021
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1/INCREASING POVERTY..Everywhere I go people are struggling to make ends meet,put money in their pocket, get food for their families & a roof above their heads. Life in Zimbabwe is such a daily fight for everything & anything..from food,electricity,water, transport,jobs to money.

2/Based on data analysis on food poverty with 2017 & 2019 Poverty,Income, Consumption,Expenditure Survey (PICES)data,the World Bank estimates that the no of people under the food poverty line (the share of pple that can’t afford a basic basket of food products),

3/or people living with income under USD $1.90 per day has increased from 3 million people in 2011 to 4.7 million (29% of the population) to about 6 million in 2019 and rose to 7.9 million in 2020 (World Bank, 2021).

4/When the Min of Finance is celebrating budget surplus,the budget cuts & excessive taxes have pushed 49% (7.9 million) of the population into extreme poverty up from 3 million people in 2011 (during GNU).In fact,in 2020 alone,1.9 million Zimbabweans entered into extreme poverty.

5/Of interest to Zimbabweans is the fact that in 2018, 29% of the population was in extreme poverty. About two years later, an additional 20% of the population entered into extreme poverty on the back of years bad policies, bad governance, conflict and a command economy.

6/Sadly, the INCAPABLE in Gvt are celebrating the so-called ‘budget surplus’ when half of the population is now wallowing in abject poverty.The message here is clear:voting for them is voting for poverty.This is why it is urgent for the all CITIZENS TO CONVERGE FOR CHANGE!#CCC