Harare, Ken Sharpe’s Sunshine Development Deal Was Unprocedural And Grossly Irregular: Govt
20 September 2021
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By A Correspondent| The government of Zimbabwe has reportedly dismissed as Unprocedural and grossly irregular, the move by City of Harare to transfer Warren Hills Golf Club to Sunshine Development Private Limited a joint venture company between Harare and controversial businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

According to High Court papers filed by Warren Hills Golf Club in opposition to a scandalous plan to convert Warren Hills Golf Club, a recreational facility into a residential area, the club said the disposal of the recreational facility was grossly irregular and done without ministerial consent as well as full council approval.

“Investigations by the Ministry of Local Government still in progress have to date established unprocedural and grossly irregular disposal of reserved land to plaintiff without informing the sitting lessee change of use, full council approval and ministerial consent

“By reason of investigations aforesaid, the national agency investigating corruption (ZACC) was and is seized with the matter and is currently unravelling the corrupt and unprocedural activities that created the title deed relied on by plaintiff with a view to regularity in the matter,” said Warren Hills Golf Club.

The club also dismissed Sunshine Development private limited as the lawful and legitimate owners of the 80 hectare land at the centre of the dispute.

“In the premises plaintiff is not lawful and legitimate owner of the land occupied and used by defendant and has no legal right to demand rent from defendant or its removal from the premises,” added Warren Hills Golf Club.

Sunshine Development which is 70 percent owned by Sharpe is attempting to evict Warren Hills Golf Club which recently renewed its lease with City of Harare by a further 20 years.

The Sharpe owned company is insisting that the 80 hectares where the golf course is sitting on was transferred from City of Harare as part of the joint venture agreement that culminated in Sunshine Development Private Limited.

City of Harare is a minority shareholder in Sunshine Development with 30 percent shares.

The municipality has since availed its own commitment of land while according Shadreck Tondori in another litigation case against Sharpe, Minister of Local Government and Public Works, the controversial businessman has not shown what it contributed to justify a 70% shareholding.