PICTURE- EFF Presidential Candidate Stages One Man Protest In Zambia Over Free Education
20 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Opposition president for the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF), Kasonde Mwenda has staged a one man protest at Kitwe Square demanding free education from Grade 1 to university as promised by the recently elected UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

The development torched a social media storm among Zambians and we publish below some of the reactions….

Leonard Mboloma BTh I think we need to manage freedom very well otherwise this behaviour is not acceptable from a sober person of high intellectual cadre

Andrew Sakazhila A protest that will fall on deaf ears because, you know very well a government in power for a month can’t produce that. Whether it was promised or not, its not happening any time soon. Plus the national budget is yet to be announced, this shock value type of protest won’t gain you followers but will instead bring a lot of questions concerning your mental health. Checks and balances from the opposition has been laughable and disappointing to say the least. The 3rd and 4th opposition leaders have been silent for a reason they are watching, listening and waiting for the appropriate time to do creditable checks and balances.

Kabanse Ntitima III It’s encouraging to see how people are now enjoying the Freedoms which were non- existent under the previous regime! Well done HH and the UPND government for letting people express themselves freely after so many years of oppression!!

Mumba Emmanuel Karma For a drop out to ask this question i don’t have a problem… that’s fine coz they don’t understand fully how the system works .. BUT A GRADUATE? Can’t process only a well doing economy can make that possible is very worrying..That’s IT. SEAT TEMBO is contagious and something should be done to him before for he mutates to something worse

Namakau Kapinda Go and ask the the person you voted for…you shall know them by their critiques, actions and comments. The 2.8 million are quiet, patient and humble coz they know Bally will fix it, it’s just a matter of time.Osati pangila chongo kwa pya please

Kondwelani Steyn Mugwede Are these the opposition we need to do checks and balances sure, free education with the current economy. We need to come to reality that not all promises made here on earth can be fulfilled fumo twakwatako na patience bane one month nangu ni abracadabra magician.

Hellen Safi Mmmm nemwe ba kasonde free education from 1 to university in a developing country? Yes this is was promised but you should understand that implementing such needs financial muscle as a nation. It is an attainable goal but needs to be implemented ‘Gradually’. We are are still a developing nation ba kasonde.

Munsaka Simoonga Chimuka I think most of these people have really proven far below even the level of taking up leadership at local level…Has HH and his governmet produced their budget?Even a grade 12 Civic Education pupil understands that the only way a government outlines expenditure for a financial year is through a national budget…Isn’t this madness and total exhibition of ignorance and unlearnedeness?We are still in the PF made financial year,where was in the PF budget a free Education slot?Mwenda is too young to exhibit this lack of insight even if it’s about attention seeking…PF failure made most mental patients fee worthy for presidency mweh

Victor Mpundu Happy to see we are now a sensible democracy with freedom of expression fully implemented. Mr. Mwenda, please carry on sir

Haakuwa Cornelius The privilege of having genuine freedom of speech n the right to demonstrate peacefully,if it were in ……… the chap wud hv bn bundled up by cops