WATCH VIDEO- Justice For Gogo- Who Is This Evil Prophet?
23 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- In the video, the yet to be identified prophet is heard instructing the old woman to confess while mercilessly beating her up with a huge stick.

“Where is the snake? speak so that you are freed. where is the snake?” asks the man and the old woman says “lets go to the tree.”

The man is adamant and keeps on demanding that the old woman must confess where her snake that is allegedly eating her children is but the woman is also adamant arguing that she has no snake.

The prophet continues whippng her with the huge stick and says she will die if she does not confess.

“You are not yet dead. confess,” he says.

He continues whipping her when she falls on the ground and is crying…kill me kill me.

Watch the video below and help us locate the old woman and the prophet.

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Gogo beaten by prophet