2023 Polls: Youths To Decide Country’s Political Destiny
26 September 2021

2023 a million man pathway for democracy through all possible means

No two ways about that one.

Be a fighter

(Leonard Zhakata )…ndati musandityire I am a fighter ndati musandityire…”

Since 2000 Zanu pf has never won an election,fairly the Oppressive party has lost dismally and unfairly it has declared and imposed itself to the helm of the Zimbabwean office. MdcA Masvingo Youth Assembly strongly condems and declares war or the Oppressive regime. A better Zimbabwe will be brought upon through sacrifice and the March is not ended. “Zimbabwe will not die the young people shall save it.” (Joshua Nkomo). It is not a crime and it shall not be one to confront an Oppressive government.

Come 2023 our time has come to determine our future. Through all means provided in the Constitution together we shall reclaim the button stick from the insane mountain climber. It remembers me well of the Nationalist Jonas Mudadirwa Zvobgo when he gave a retoric statement on power handover during the reign of Mugabe.

Register and vote. Gear up to defend the vote. Be strong enough to fight for democracy at all costs

*MDCA Masvingo Youth Assembly Spokesperson
Timoth “Hlongwani ” Muswere
[email protected]