Harvest Moon Rising Over Filey Beach Captured in Leeds
28 September 2021
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The moon rising over Filey Beach on Monday evening

By Aziza Yaqubi | On September 20th the Harvest Moon appeared in the night sky over the UK and some other parts of the world, with many photographers capturing the full bright moon.

However, the spectacular looking moon will appear on several other nights. It will be visible soon after sunset and can be seen with the naked eye.

Harvest Moon is the term given to the full moon that is closest to the autumn equinox, which derive from Native American Culture, and refers to when daylight hours begin to reduce for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

The name relates to the harvest time when farmers would harvest their crops before the autumn frost.

The video shows the bright large orange moon rising over the sea in Filey beach, North of Leeds.

Pictures by Aziza Yaqubi