Does Chamisa Have A Plan? Gambakwe Conversation With Phugheni
29 September 2021

By Nomazulu Thata | These two personalities are painfully uneven. Whereas Phugheni is eloquently brilliant, a very intelligent man, I should be excused if I said Gambakwe is challenged, borderline. It defeats my mind to realize that Phugheni somehow enjoys entertaining Gambakwe in his media channel. I have never understood the symbiotic relationship between the two. The second question will be: why do I, Nomazulu access Gambakwe media; if I say, it is one of those gutter portals; always producing cheap political discussions most of the time too stupid to comprehend?

I remember reading or listening to media comments that the late former Chancellor Helmut Kohl made when he was critiqued about his love of reading the “Bild Zeitung”. He replied: whoever avoids reading the “Bild Zeitung”, means they have no idea what the majority of million citizens of Germany think.

If possible, read all newspapers, time is permitting; said Dr. Kohl: MHISRIP. I have admired him on his politics on EU integration and Euro currency that marked his legacy; However, I have never voted for the Christian Democratic Party.
The Gambakwe media is well attended by Zimbabweans mostly in the Diaspora who yearn for news from home. I suppose its simplicity, especially in content invites those who find the likes of Trevor Ncube boring because of highly pitched styles of interviews academic and also professional.

Ncube exclusively selects professionals for his interview: one of the interviews he gave was with Advocate Mahere: an interview that remained in me for a long time mainly because of its inspiration. Advocate Mahere shone in that interview: I loved the effortless flow of intellect and self-confidence: she is well-versed with her work, a political animal if I were to express this in German slang language.

We have been told by Gambakwe that Advocate Mahere has on many occasions declined a one-to-one interview with Gambakwe. Hearing this coming from Gambakwe himself, I said to myself: Mahere will never sink this low to spend an hour with Gambakwe interview: a social media that exemplifies everything paltry and wretched. Gambakwe interview with Phugheni was yesterday the 26th on Sunday, went straight to the point, tells Gambakwe inadvertently off. Gambakwe in his mental simplicity and nativity: he did not recognize the undercurrent of sarcasm in that yesterday interview with Phugheni.

Gambakwe: “I am not attacking Chamisa, I am analysing him: I think this has in line with we shall talk about today. Did you hear the interview Chamisa made with Mhlanga recently”?

Phugheni: “Well, Gambakwe you are a very intelligent man and properly qualified.” “You have spoken about the Mahere pregnancy that turned out to be false. The gutter messages coming from your conversation with Jonas is just despicable. It did not surprise that Mahere was cross with you.” (Gambakwe tells all that when he suffered from Covid 19, he ascended to heaven and came back: that is not normal by all standards. This is the moment when we say people who makes such claims are hallucinating or borderline– yet we continue to listen to his video interviews talking absolute nonsense and wretchedness together with Tinashe Jonas.)

Phugheni: “you go to Zimbabwe for two or three minutes, you come back start talking about Zimbabwe more than the people who live here. You visit few places of choice and generalize to mean Zimbabwe has been developed by the second dispensation.

Not very long ago you were a staunch supporter of MDC-Alliance: How you exalted Chamisa. How many videos did you make in support of him? Overnight you are in awe and wonder of Zanu PF. You now see everything bad about Chamisa, the leader you worshipped.” You were a fanatic of Chamisa, but now you turn around, it’s now praise about praise with the Zanu government. How I wish you could genuinely critique Chamisa appropriately and not attack personally, analyse him when he makes mistakes and not attack him. Analyse us if we make mistake and praise us if we make inroads in our spaces of governance.

This country needs democracy Gambakwe. Stop demonizing Chamisa without valid content: they are never after you. You know Gambakwe, we need an opposition that critiques the current government. I can give you an example. We have seen how opposition has been criminalized or reduced to criminals. We do not like such; but we want a government that respects opposing views in opposition sections of our societies for the sake of democracy.”

“Gambakwe, what Chamisa said at his interview with Blessed Mhlanga, the name change of MDC-Alliance should never be of concern to us in the opposition. It is good that he keeps strategies to himself. Chamisa is between rock and hard surface and not to divulge some of his strategies early in the game: this is not to be seen as a sign of immaturity at all”.

“I personally am one of those who cried against sanctions that they do not harm the intended section of a people in power especially but much to the ordinary people.

Notwithstanding the sanctions Mr. Gambakwe, we have natural resources in this country that are supposed to benefit those who live in that region. Let me give an example, The Marange diamonds were supposed to benefit the people living in that region. It has not been the case. About 51% of the diamond revenues were supposed to remain in the region benefitting the people of that region.”

“We consider these as serios leakages: people who do not come from Marange go there and mine and go away. The people in Marange got nothing but instead were displaced from their ancestral lands to make way for diamond mining without compensation by foreigners.

This brings me back to devolution. Devolution was meant to remove power from the centre to the regions to take care of the wealth found in the region. These are leakages the government needs to address. There are no schools, no roads, no clinics built by foreigners who were given permission for mining rights. The people demand basics from billion dollars’ worth of diamonds that were extracted from Marange as a sign that resources benefits benefactors.
We have poverty in this country of unimaginable proportions.

There are students and pupils I must pay for their school fees. Leakages from the mineral resources syphoned out of this country should be serving the growing up citizens for a better future. This is what I could take from the interview Gambakwe made with Phugheni: interviews I continue to remember and do not escape my consciousness during the day means it was significant. I respected the way Phugheni “conducted” the interview. Phugheni did not want to be drawn into threshing Chamisa: what was Gambakwe’s intention. (When Gambakwe and Phugheni start talking, always its Phugheni who navigates the show!)

Gambakwe has been switching sides from one to the other: gave platform Albert Matapo for a long time: prior to Matapo, he was a Chamisa chete chete: always from one extreme end to the next. Now he sees everything wrong about Chamisa; If Gambakwe finds the slogan: “Chikomana ngachipinde” so stupid, tasteless, and shallow; why is Gambakwe comfortable with “Pasi ne mandu” from ED? What has happened now that Gambakwe sees no evil with Zanu PF; he goes on to the extent of peddling lies about how safe Zimbabwe is. Hell no!!!

In retrospect, Zimbabwe is not safe at all; Zvikomborero Haruzivishe is languishing in prison. For most of us who have been loud about Zanu PF and Mnangagwa, it will be folly to listen to advice coming from a gutter media that has found a home in Jongwe Zanu headquarters. By his own admission, he visited the Jongwe House when he was in Harare.

One thing was obvious in that interview: Gambakwe wants to use the powerful and eloquent Phugheni to thresh Chamisa. Phugheni does not want to be used because, apparently, he is a man of his own ideas. He realized early at the beginning of the interview the intentions of Gambakwe, he side-lined almost all issues Gambakwe tried to put across; really to go for a finish on Chamisa – Phugheni had no take, not that he likes Chamisa, he did not want to be drawn into a party with Gambakwe. Evidently, he reminded Gambakwe never to school him about Polad, in retrospect he has previously spoken about it in his media channel practically teaching him: for Gambakwe to want to get the upper hand in political facts and knowledge outside his abilities and capabilities is just stupid and unintelligible.

On one hand, Khaliphani Phugheni is a brilliant man: However, I dislike his politics especially in relation to ED Mnangagwa. On the other hand, I would believe there is great potential in him that could be beneficial to the nation. Credit must be given to where it is due: Just his brilliance and eloquence alone is admirable. He is not arrogant but down to earth. I have listened to all his interviews with Gambakwe, but this one of the 26th of September was one of his best, albeit interviewed by a simpleton Gambakwe who does not realize that when Advocate Mahere refused an interview with him, it is not that she fears questions coming from him; instead to think so, is insulting Mahere’s intelligence.

I may not have quoted Phugheni correctly. This is what I could gather from that interview that I really enjoyed listening to. For some reason, that interview exposed the worst out of Gambakwe, and we were able to realize that his Gambakwe media has been captured by Zanu PF. However, he needs Phugheni in his media house to shine better in his onslaught with Chamisa: Apparently or inadvertently Phugheni has taught him politics: knowledge he now boasts to be his. Hence Phugheni constantly shot him down and reminded him about where the source of his knowledge base came from.

Just like I said about Albert Matapo, lets us watch Gambakwe and his intentions. Zimbabwe is not safe. Do not get overexcited about advice coming from Gambakwe media, it is harmful advice you can be in serious trouble going home if you have been vocal about Mnangagwa’s dispensation. ED Mnangagwa’s administration is worse than that of Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Let us wait “Chikomana chipinde” and we shall take it from there.

Nomazulu Thata writes in her personal capacity.