Mai Titi Pounced On By US Police
7 October 2021
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By Farai D Hove |  Contrary to her denials, the comedian Mai Titi was truly pounced on by US police for immigration and drug trafficking allegations. Mai Titi, real name, Felistas Murata revealed this in a brief live video with colleague Madam Boss. She said the police made a surprise visit at an undisclosed place where they interrogated her. The cops also took pictures of her and her colleagues. 

Mai Titi

In her statement, Mai Titi said the cops passed a decision on her visa saying she can stay in the US forever, a claim legal experts say is impossible as the police are not immigration officials. Even even such a thing had happened, if ever that were possible, it would not happen on the same day, several analysts said.

The development comes days after Mai Titi announced on Facebook live that she is too busy looking for paid work.

Mai Titi’s live brief

She said in brief: “They are saying America fits you Amai Titi, oh thank you….

“Though I really miss home, I am already missing my kids. We came to do work here. We came to look for bag(money). So let us look for bag, all other things are meaningless.

“So leave me to look for work.”

Below was the brief interaction.


Madam Boss: America is too big, that I don’t think there are police officers who have time to find Mai Titi, but we will have lost it my friend the moment we decided to report others. Let’s focus on our own business. [to Mai Titi] It’s not like you are working in an office, you are working as a guest at events. Is this what must get a person arrested?

Mai Titi: There’s actually someone who phoned the police to say there is a person from Zimbabwe who is selling drugs, and I invited the cops seeking for a drug trafficker to enter in telling them openly yes, come in, i am the one who’s called Mai Titi. The police ended up taking pictures of us, and the cops announced to me saying, we have discovered that your fellow Zimbabweans are very bitter. The fools who operate on Facebook are the ones who said all this are the ones who said she is a drug trafficker. The police looked at me and said, what kind of a drug trafficker is this one? LAUGH. And I said what has Mai Titi done? You see these people think the police will arrest anyone for anything, the officers ended up drinking beer with us, and the cops assured me saying if I encounter any problem, I should dial 911 to tell them I am being harassed. And the police said we are now protecting you, instead.

So, at least the police these days are now on my side. We want to protect you. And they said if you feel like these people want to hurt you, you can stay here forever, and I asked, tai, are you for real police? And they said, yes, if people from your country don’t love you you can stay here, and I said oh my God.