Married Church Leader’s Photos With Lover…
8 October 2021
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By A Correspondent- A married Bulawayo church elder’s r0mantic photographs with a nurse have leaked and are circulating on social media.

Eva and Tichafara

Tichafara Mhene, a church elder under Zimbabwe Assemblies of God in Africa (ZAOGA) and a police officer at Ross Camp hospital, shot the pictures with a local hospital nurse Eva Chitemuswe.

In one of the leaked photographs, a minor believed to be Eva’s child is watching her mother receiving a kiss from Mhene.

Eva and Tichafara

Mhene, married to Convenience Mhene, was reported to have been seduced by Eva following Convenience’s relocation to Australia.

Eva (a single mother of three children) and Mhene’s illicit affair has threatened the latter’s church position and the former is reported to be behind the leaking of the r0mantic photographs.

Convenience Mhene

Mhene told H-Metro that Eva was his ‘sister’.

“I do not mind what church members are saying since I do not own a church,” said Mhene.

“Besides, that woman is my sister,” he said refusing to answer further questions.

Mhene is reported to have abandoned his police apartment at Southampton flat to cohabit with Eva at her Hillside house.

Eva is reported to have leaked the r0mantic photographs after learning about Mhene’s plans to join his wife in Australia.

Mhene was taken to Eva’s rural home in Mutare where he was expected to pay lobola before making a sudden turn.

Contacted for comment, Eva could neither deny nor confirm tempting and exposing the man of cloth and guardian of law.

“I have no comment to that,” said Eva before hanging the call.

In an interview, Convenience, nee Mbedzi was yet to know about Mhene’s exposure that has become a talk at Ross Camp hospital where he is a nurse.

“My husband is not a womanizer and I am yet to know about the photographs you are talking about,” said Convenience.

However, H-Metro is reliably informed that Mhene and Mbedzi families held a meeting following the leaking of the photographs.