MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Statement On International Youth Day
12 October 2021

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Commemorates International Day Of The Girl Child


The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly today joins the rest of the world in commemorating the International Day Of The Girl Child. This year’s theme runs under, Digital Generation. Our Generation.

This year’s commemorations comes at a time when the girl child in our country is facing multifaceted challenges. It is also not mendacious that most of the problems faced by the girl child in this country are a direct result of a failed leadership that is insensitive to plight girls and young women.

While this year’s theme speaks of a Digital Generation, our girls in this country are being subjected to nervous conditions worse than those of the Stone Age Generation.

From being denied access to quality and affordable education and heath care to forced child marriages, the girl child is undersiege.

Only a few months ago in July, the country witnessed horrendous news of a 14 year old Memory Machaya who died whilst giving birth at a shrine. Memory was a victim of forced child marriages and is there are so many of such horrible child marriage stories that goes untold.

In this economic malaise authored by Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF government, the girl child has not been spared either. The girl child suffers a double yoke where she grapples with economic hardships as well as the extra burden to access sanitary pads.

We have seen a mockery of the girl child particularly rural girls by the First Lady, Auxilia Mnangagwa who treats them like a charity case by donating a handful sanitary pads all for cameras. Under a caring and normal government, basics like these must be made easily accessible for free to every girl.

The government’s failure to resolve a labour dispute with teachers has also adversely affected the girl child. Having to spent the better part of the last two years out of classrooms, the country witnessed a surge in teen pregnancies.

The regime of Mnangagwa too is a chief culprit in abusing rights of the girl child. The country is still in shock following the gruesome sexual abuse of MDC Alliance Youth Assembly female leaders at the hands of state agents.

Up to now our females youth leaders have been inhumanely embarrassed by this regime and having to spend a better part of the last two years in courts for being victims of abduction and torture.

As commemorate this day, we call upon the regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa to throw away the fabricated case of Cecillia Chimbiri, Joana Mamombe and Netsai Marova. In the same vein, we also demand for the day in court of the perpetrators of those heinous acts against our girls. We demand adequate answers from responsible offices about what happened to our female youth leaders.

Girls have rights too!




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson