Notorious Armed Masvingo Robber Dies In Police Shoot-Out
15 October 2021

By A Correspondent- Police in Masvingo has shot and killed one of the four armed robbers who have been terrorising the town.

In a statement Friday, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) the shootout happened after the 4-member gang had descended on Jerera Growth Point in Masvingo and robbed a family of some properties.

The suspect was shot in the armpit and died while his accomplices escaped.

Below is the ZRP statement on the shootout:
The ZRP is investigating two armed robbery cases which occurred at Jerera G/point, Masvingo on 15/10/21 at about 0159 hrs, where four unknown suspects armed with an unidentified pistol, pick, wooden broom and a log stormed a home and demanded cash.
They were given US $1000, ZAR 400, four cellphones and two inverters. The complainant made a quick report to Police and as the scene was being attended to, another report was received. Police swiftly attended the scene and met the quartet at the doorstep.
A shootout ensued before the suspects scaled over the pre-cast wall and one suspect who was carrying the loot in a satchel bag was shot on the armpit and died while others escaped.

The police recovered all the stolen property except for the two inverters.