Names Of Zanu PF Hooligans Who Attacked President Chamisa In Masvingo
16 October 2021
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Source : MDC Alliance

1)Ezra Chadzamira lorry was used by Cde Shangwa to ferry makorokoza and m*hure from Mashava to Charumbira area.

These are the people who were mainly at Gwengavi intersection where President Nelson Chamisa’s entourage was stoned.

2)Godfrey Mukungunugwa Chivi RDC chairman.He was seen organising and instructing Youth at Zaoga church ward 5 in Masvingo City.

These are the youths whose pictures were awash on social media. He bought bread , cold drinks and hotstaff for the youths

3)Clr Mahwende of ward 6 Masvingo City was seen distributing placards at Pangolin tower light. He personally visited Mr Sitemere’s house to disturb Executive meeting.He contributed beer and drinks.

4)Clr Manyanga ward 10 Masvingo City.He was the “recruitment officer” of youths in Masvingo City. He identified the hardcore violence masters from the 10 wards and he assembled the killing machine.

5)Nhamoinesu Nemanwa a village head near Chirichoga Secondary school in Charumbira area. He was responsible for recruiting hardcore violence masters from Manyama and surrounding gold panning mines in the area.He was the commander of the biggest group of violence team stationed at Nemanwa turnoff in Charumbira area.

6)Mai Shangwa a horrible , cruel and violent hardened Chief Charumbira area villager.She is a Chadzamira righthand woman.Very unpopular in Chief Charumbira area .

7)Givhasi a rankmarshal at Croco Masvingo Harare-Byo passanger pick up point.He stays in Ward 1 of Masvingo. Currently he sleep in an ironsheet and scrap metal framed shelter behind Shushine Garage.Very boastful of his violent behavior against MDC Alliance people.

8)Tonderai a Zicosu GZU student ZanuPF leader.He is a son of a Zimbabwe National Army father.He is beer patron at Majange Business Centre in Masvingo ward 6.He is like a son to ward 6 councilor Mahwende. Clr Mahwende fund his violent behavior by buying him beer.

List to be continued…