NUST Loses Students Information To Hackers
17 October 2021
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By A Correspondent- Hackers have attacked the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) computer system and deleted students’ results and the institution’s payment history.

The university also said that the malware also made the student portal inaccessible to many other students.

The malware attack at NUST has left many students and lecturers in a lurch as ICT experts at the institution have so far been unable to fix the system.

A third-year student at the institution told The Chronicle that the university was working on resolving the situation, adding that the incident had a massive effect on students supposed to be going for attachment since NUST set deadlines for securing internships.
Another student expressed concern about the missing results, saying if the online system is not fixed, students will be forced to retake courses they have done already. Said the student:
I pray that our results will not change when the system is restored. When I managed to open my portal two days ago the results of my supplemented courses were no longer there.
I hope that can be resolved because if not I will have to re-register and re-write the same course again next year because special exams for final students this year have been written. It is my hope that the payment history does not get interrupted.

The university said that it is working flat out on rectifying the issue and fixing the online system, Navision. The institution added that mass registration for students and cleaning up exercise of their portals is underway. Said the institution:
To ensure a successful graduation ceremony and smooth running of blended teaching and learning, the university has moved to the old system of processing students’ results.
The university urged students to exercise patience adding that it will be updating students about progress through the university website.

-State media