Apostle Chiwenga’s Gonyet Accident Gonyet Talk, Insult.
18 October 2021
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Talent Chiwenga

By A Correspondent | ANALYSIS | The British government has begun opening visas for heavy truck drivers, as the industry salary threshold rose up to £60,000 per year. The ongoing crisis was caused by a number of factors which include the ongoing Brexit economic change over. Surveys ran by ZimEye showed that job salaries are ranging between GBP30,000 and GBP65,000. (video)

The development comes as the controversial prophet Talent Chiwenga continued his theme of saying truck drivers and builders are lazy people who will die before 40.

He said this is because of the nature of their work, while adding that the two are worthless professions.

He mocked the texture of truck drivers and builders’ hands likening them to the backside of a tortoise’s backside.

He said this a few weeks after his collision with a gonyet in Masvingo road when he announced he was speeding at twice the speech limit in order to get to Harare to buy a brand new fan belt.

Said Chiwenga:

“Greeting the person and then you’ll see that their hands are in such a terrible shape, hardened like a tortoise’s backside, and you ask yourself: are these real human hands?

“And the person literally thinks that they have a career, handling bricks.

“They will not be able to reach 40 years, the bricks destroy your back; it is just the same thing as driving a truck from DRC to Zimbabwe.

“This is hard labour, when you see a person reaching 10 years while doing such a job as a truck driver; they are a lazy, nyope.

“They don’t want to think. That (truck driving) is not a profession, a person could confidently say that they are a truck driver.

“For a person to do this job for over 10 years, travelling 5000 km, 5000 km 5000 km, sitting behind a big steering wheel like this, driving a mere gonyimbi(haulage truck).

“People are lazy but that laziness manifests itself in three dimensions: there are some people who are lazy because they do not have energy to work, they are weak people. I personally saw such people while growing up.

“To hold a simple plough, they are hit by a plough like this, while failing to bring it down.

‘They end up nearly killing someone’s child and you tell them to stand up and go and sit somewhere else.

“If you tell them to lead the cows, the whip hits them from behind, it goes the other way.

“They do not have ability to see the thing; they don’t have the excellency that some of us have.

“We used to finish everything using one hand; The other hand doing the driving, while my father would be saying, hurry up there is more field work tomorrow.

“We used to do it better than the person who is pulling. So now, you can end up being lazy, you are at loss of physical power. Or you can have physical power and you are at loss of mental power; now that one (the latter) is a serious disaster.”

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