Mnangagwa Agents Attempt To Assassinate President Chamisa
21 October 2021

THE MDC Alliance yesterday said party leader Nelson Chamisa’s convoy was intercepted by heavily suspected armed Zanu PF youths who fired gunshots, hitting a rear window on the opposition leader’s vehicle on the outskirts of Mutare.

Chamisa is on a tour of Manicaland province drumming up support for his party.

He was coming from Birchenough Bridge and Chipinge headed for Mutare when he was intercepted by the Zanu PF youths who were travelling in over a dozen unmarked twin-cab vehicles.

Party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said Chamisa’s convoy was intercepted by Zanu PF activists led by Manicaland youth leader Danmore Mambondiyani.

“The youths were armed with axes, guns and machetes,” she said.

“There were 12 to 15 vehicles that were trailing the president’s motorcade. The motorcade was delayed by numerous roadblocks to allow the youths to close in.

“Just towards Mutare, there were gunshots which hit one window. Other vehicles were stoned.”

Mahere said party organising secretary Amos Chibaya made a police report.

But national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said: “I have checked with Manicaland, we did not receive such a report.”

Mahere’s deputy, Gift “Ostallos” Siziba, who was part of Chamisa’s entourage, said he suspected security details were part of the group that intercepted the motorcade.

“We have strong suspicions that some of them were soldiers in civilian clothes,” he said, adding that the road was barricaded with stones.

“One Mambondiani was co-ordinating the group that had been trailing president Nelson Chamisa’s vehicle. They were armed and threatening violence against the president.”- NewsDay