I Was Paid to Kill Chamisa, Sangoma Puts Mwonzora In Hot Soup
23 October 2021

By A Correspondent

Douglas Mwonzora

Sekuru Muremba (89) a sangoma who was born in Zambia claims he was paid by MDC- T leaders to kill the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Sekuru Muremba is based in Binga…

The sangoma said the MDC-T officails came to him early June this year with huge amounts of money and adv Chamisa’s pictures.

Muremba Wekare also said the spirits of his great ancestors told him not to harm adv Chamisa because he was innocent and called to lead….

In August this year Mwonzora was spotted in Masvingo at the house of oracle Isaac Makomichi who is believed to have powers to perform shocking miracles. It is said that he was seeking spiritual powers to win 2023 general election.

One madzibaba in Harare once claimed that he was hired by Mwonzora to make adv Chamisa mad.

“He is a disgrace to politics, you can’t say all these people are lying against Mwonzora, we know that he believes in sangomas. As a christian I cannot continue to support someone who wants to use juju in to kill others” said one MDC- T official.