Hopewell Chin’ono Exposes Alena Douhan Plagiarised Venezuela Report By 77% Overlap Into Zimbabwe’s
30 October 2021
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By A Correspondent | The award-senior-journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has exposed how the Sanctions Rapporteur, Alena Douhan plagiarised her own report smuggling it into what she claims is her expert investigation over Zimbabwe.

Douhan concluded her Zimbabwe visit on Thursday by announcing a report criticised by many quarters as merely supporting ongoing war crimes.

She on video said her itinerary has included victims of Mnangagwa’s own sanctions against the population, when however her own program she has only government officials listed thereon.

Her visit has been criticised by victims as cruel with 1 August victim, Alison Charles calling her out on what must be done.

Alison Charles’s brief message.

Meanwhile, posting on Saturday morning, Chin’ono said Douhan’s Zimbabwean and Venezuelan reports have a 77% similarity overlap.

He said briefly: Douhan plagiarized 26% of her entire Venezuelan report lifting chunks & reproducing them into her Zimbabwean report.

Go to the last tweet to see the word plagiarism percentage.

I have looked at her Zimbabwean report versus her Venezuelan report.

Tomorrow I will look at her Syrian report versus her Zimbabwean report, and versus her Venezuelan report.

This is tragic for a professor, it is a fraud and unethical more so because she is representing the United Nations.

It means she is swindling the people paying for her work, and not producing organic academic work.

A better explanation is that she is paid to produce content meant for propaganda purposes, and not for serious discourse about the subject she claims to be an expert on.

The last 4 slides are the color coordinates that will assist you to draw meaning to her 2 reports!

20% similarity is way too much.
Hers is on 26% which is tragic!

Plagiarism does not only refer to stealing someone’s work, hers is self plagiarism which is unethical.
She didn’t cite this which is deeply problematic!

The last two slides show us that the Zimbabwean and Venezuelan reports have a 77% similarity overlap in meaning.