Minister Laments Drunken Driving On The Highways
4 November 2021

By A Correspondent- Transport and infrastructure development minister Felix Mhona has attributed the road accidents along Harare Bulawayo road to reckless drunk drivers calling on citizens to be careful when driving on the cpuntry’s roads.

He said this while responding to a question from Hon Shava who probed the government plans for the Harare- Bulawayo Road which does not have humps to accomodate crossing pedestrians especially school children.

Responded Mhona:

I thank you Hon. Speaker and I thank the Hon. Member for her question.  It is true we are losing a lot of lives on our highways.  I would however want to say that we cannot put humps on highways because this will be dangerous. 

We do put rambles so that motorists will reduce speed when approaching those areas.  This is not the major problem; the major problem is that we are not following rules and regulations on the road.  A lot 0f people are driving whilst drunk so it is my plea that drivers must exercise caution when driving.

We must keep on reminding each other that no matter how well we repair our roads, it is the responsibility of every driver to follow the rules and regulations on the road.  Most accidents are caused by drivers.

If you have places that you know are dangerous Hon. Member, you are free to alert us so that we see how we can move forward