Mwonzora Is Our Hero In Mutare, says Ndiraya
6 November 2021

By Masimba Ndiraya | I have just read a piece of hogwash written by some clueless Chete Chete fanatic that Mkoma Dougie was snubbed in Mutare. We want to put it loud and clear: the more you try to demonize this man the more support we will give him.

Mwonzora- and Komichi

Only a few days ago we thronged the Beit Hall in Sakubva to listen to Simboti. I am really proud to be related to him. He is humble, smart and very accommodating. He speaks the people issues. Some people always talk about themselves. It was your clueless CCC leader who came to our province and started all forms of drama. He is always getting shot by bullets which always miss him. He is noisy. Who doesn’t know that all that drama was meant to get the attention of the UN envoy?

Who does not know that these social media noise makers are afraid of Mkoma Dougie? He clobbered Chamisa for the post of Secretary General in 2014. Oh by the way, we in Manicaland gave Mkoma the nomination. You are now trying to falsify history by saying Tsvangirai rigged for Mwonzora.

He wrote the constitution. We supported him because of the good job he did at COPAC. He employed 300 youngsters from the MDC without favour. How many people did your noisy leaders employ during GNU where they were Ministers? He fought for electoral reforms up to 2018, bringing the BVR for the first time in Zimbabwe through his skills. During the GNU he was jailed at Mutare Remand together with wana Sekuru Nyakauru. We were supporting him while he was in that jail. Mkoma Dougie is brave. He has always contested in rural areas where your noisy leaders are afraid to go.

We are proud that Mkoma has written a book with others published in Europe. Just recently Mkoma said let’s depoliticise covid. He was publicly vaccinated while your leader hibernated like a little polar bear. Now see the results. Victoria Falls has been declared safe to host international conferences. He led his team to meet the UN envoy. And what happened? The envoy has said that the sanctions must go and Zimbabweans must have dialogue. I know dialogue is coming. Leaders are identified with key phrases that show their wisdom or lack of it. Mkoma Dougie is known for the phrase *RATIONAL DISPUTATION.* Others are known for the phrase KUDIRA JECHA. Zvinongopangidza kusiyana kwe malevel acho.

Mkoma Dougie wakauya kwaMutare ku court. Wanga wasi kuuya koosangana ngewanhuba iwe.

Kuno Manyika tiri kubvira kuti keep it up mkoma Dougie. Rambai mwakadaro simboti wari kuTsoka wari kuChati. Wanhu waya wapererwa manje. Dougie uri kuuya zvinepower. Mushati eke. Ndine ndadaro. Saka?

Masimba we kwa Ndiraya. Uya paTraiziri kana une nharo.