At COP26, Mnangagwa Embarrassed Zimbabwe And Himself
7 November 2021

By Nontokozo Malaba Ncube| For some strange reason the UN invited the tin pot dictator of Zimbabwe to the COP26 Climate Change summit held in Glasgow.

The first point to bear in mind is the obvious fact that Zanu has zero credibility about anything because of an enumerable number of reasons; ask any Zimbabwean and they will use up at least 5 hours listing the crimes committed by this lot. Now, the issue about Climate Change is one about making sacrifices and tough choices in order to ensure that there is a planet to live on for future generations.

Contrast that with the purposeful looting and pillaging of Zimbabwe by Mnangagwa, his inner circle and a raft of other thieving imposters circling around his government. Inevitably, the sight of him and his hangers on at a world summit about climate puts the reputation of the UN into question because we know Zanu don’t care about climate change, or the future of the world. Zanu can’t even be bothered to care about about Zimbabweans in 2021, so them pretending to care about future generations of Zimbabweans is just another other episode of the shamelessness of these people’s hypocrisy.

Not only that, but the climate change happening in Zimbabwe is a direct result of the Chinese pioneer column that is swarming in to dig up whatever mineral they can loot out of the country, destroying whichever natural habitat that stands in the way of their looting ventures. All at the invitation of the Zanu regime .

Every Zimbabwean will know that Mnangagwa and his gang know nothing about Climate change, and even if they did they don’t give two hoots about it unless they can pocket whatever funds will emerge from that jaunt in Glasgow. As for his speech, he made it in front of an almost empty auditorium just as he did at his last UN invitation.

By the way where all those flatulent UK Zanu supporters who we saw in the papers attempting to show off their success and allegiance to the regime through the medium of wholesale bought cheap alcohol. Where were they when their deity was making a speech in front of cleaners and ushers?

It didn’t end there. Mnangagwa further embarrassed himself by trying to sponge off other leaders’ popularity via photo opportunities with the new Zambian president and Prince William. Not only that, he has since been making unverified claims about having cordial meetings with Prince Charles and President Biden. He embarrassed all of us, and himself.

To then hold a rally at the airport narrating falsehoods in front of a crowd of people bussed in probably forcibly to cheer on is even more pathetic.

People can say what they want about Nelson Chamisa, but if it was him at the Climate Summit, his speech as well as his presence would have drawn a bigger crowd. We hope that in 2023 the people of Zimbabwe finally come together and remove this embarrassment of a ‘president’ who imposed himself on the country via a military coup.

#Ngaapindehakemukomana #KazingeneleSibiliUjaha #zimbabweanlivesmatter