Panicky Zanu PF Bigwigs Accuse Kasukuwere Of Plotting Mnangagwa Ouster
8 November 2021

Tinashe Sambiri| Zanu PF has claimed that Sybeth Musengezi, who recently approached the High Court seeking nullification of Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s appointment as Zanu PF president, was planted by Saviour Kasukuwere to cause disharmony in the party.

In his court papers, Musengezi argues Mr Mnangagwa rose to power unconstitutionally.

However, in opposing documents filed by the party’s administration secretary, Obert Mpofu, and Godwills Masimirembwa, a senior party official based in Harare, the respondents, inclucing Mnangagwa, say that the court case has not legal standing as Section 87 of the country’s constitution grants the president immunity from prosecution.

Zanu PF claims that Musengezi was “planted” by Kasukuwere to cause friction in the party.

According to The Standard newspaper, Masimirembwa’s affidavit filed in court reads in part:

“lt is believed, on investigation by the district coordinating committee security that reports to me as chairman of DCC 4 Harare and also acting chairman of the Harare Province, that Applicant was “planted” into the relevant district, without the relevant credentials for political and other reasons by the former secretary for the commissariat Saviour Kasukuwere, with whom he is allegedly related.”

Saviour Kasukuwere