Its Not Heat Wave: Met Department
9 November 2021
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The Meteorological Services Department has dismissed claims that the country is experiencing a heat wave saying the current temperatures are record breaking and are within the historical averages.

Posting on Twitter, the Met Department said temperatures currently being experienced in the country since last week are not unusual.

The department further explained that heat wave is a period of unusually hot temperatures which is usually outside the historical averages for a given area which lasts for three days or more.

“It was hot and humid over much of the country. However, no record-breaking temperatures have occurred i.e. it is Not a Heat Wave; a Heat Wave is a period of unusually hot weather (outside the historical averages for a given area) that typically lasts three or more days],” the department said.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is expected to start receiving heavy rains from Wednesday.

The wet conditions will start in the Southern part before spreading to the rest of the country.