Zanu PF Has Stolen Nation’s Dreams, Hopes…
12 November 2021
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By Advocate Fadzayi Mahere

This government has stolen many things from us. Most fundamentally, they’ve robbed us of our ability to dream big dreams – personal dreams, couple dreams, professional dreams, community dreams and national dreams. They’ve forced us into a space where we are constantly consumed by ‘making a plan’ to negotiate tap water, queue for cash, struggle to get quality healthcare, hustle on the side to make ends meet, protest about uncollected garbage…the list goes on.

So all we do is survive.

Yet the human spirit requires so much more than basic survival to remain truly alive. The human spirit requires hope, optimism, inspiration, a sense of progress, self-actualization, upward mobility, stimulation and happiness. Survival is but a starting point from whence we can live our true purpose on earth. Our purpose is to become our best selves so that we can make a meaningful contrubution to society and help other people.

Dreams allow us to step out of the basic realm of possibility and to stretch ourselves to be greater than what we imagine to be possible. This is how nations succeed, how civilizations evolve, how innovation is born, how businesses are built, how star quality is developed, how scientific breakthroughs are achieved and how good lawyers become great.

They can rob us of everything, but we must not allow them to rob us of our ability to dream, to provide solutions to humanity’s problems and to grow the mindset that allows us to move from the garbage dump we are in to the world class existence that we crave. Let’s reclaim our psyche so that, starting from our mindset, we can become the Great Zimbabwe that we aspire to.

Rant over. I just meant to say I love my job and the prism through which it enables me to see and think about the world.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. #NgaapindeHakeMukomana