Zambia’s Former Defence Minister Nabbed For Attempted Murder
14 November 2021
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Davies Chanda

By A Correspondent- Police have picked up and detained former Defence Minister and Patriotic Front (PF) Vice-Chairperson, Davies Chama.

Chama has since been co-charged with his former security officer, Brian Dumisani Nyoni for an attempted murder case going back to 2015.

The duo is expected to be transported to Sesheke District where the matter will be heard.

During the Mulobezi By-election in June 2015, violence erupted between the UPND party and the PF, which saw one UPND cadre shot in the thigh and sustained a deep knife cut in the buttock as well as another cut on the left eye.

According to the version of Siyanga Siyauya, who was UPND campaign manager for the Mulobezi by-elections, it was surprising that after the attack from the PF cadres, their cadre and one of his colleagues were instead arrested and detained instead of arresting the perpetrators of the crime.

Siyauya said he was lucky that he was not also injured but alleged that the driver of the PF Secretary General Davies Chama had aimed at shooting him as well.

However, according to Zambia Police report in 2015, Siyauya was arrested for allegedly being part of a group of machete-wielding thugs who attacked Patriotic Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama and his entourage in Mulobezi.