Wedding Bells Ringing For Musician Greatman
16 November 2021
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Musician Greatman will start the 2022 on a high note with indications that he is set to wed his wife in February.

Events management company, TEO Events announced that an initial meeting has been held and a tentative date of 6 February has been set.

TEO events organised Sinikiwe Kademaunga and Reuben’s blissful wedding which is still the talk of town.

TEO Events is already mobilising corporates to support Greatman’s wedding.

“6 February wedding loading
Yesterday takanoimba hedu his favourite hym coz he is an SDA so we sang the song together …
What a happy family ❤️let’s show support to them ,any contribution,” said TEO Events.

Greatman and wife after meeting with TEO Events