JUST IN- Scriptwriter, Actress Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba Dies
17 November 2021
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Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba

By A Correspondent- Local scriptwriter-cum-actress Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba has died.

Siziba, a multi talented artist died Tuesday.

The cause of her death could however not be immediately established.

We publish below condolence messages from her colleagues in the arts sector:

Said Carol Mashingaidze Zimbizi:

The pain I feel only YOU would understand and I wish I could call you to tell you you have hurt me to the core. I keep tossing and turning hoping it’s not true because I know you loved this life thing and you loved it well and those who knew you well , knew you guarded your life with everything you had. I have questions mai Kelly …. just one more phone call , one more interaction and maybe this whole pain will go away knowing we have said our final goodbyes and you have assured me that where you’re going is better then here . Mandirwadzisa machewe Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba

Abel Mavura: Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba my sister Is this real? Just a few days ago we lost Jiggaz, today it’s you. Unbelievable, whatever happened this is untimely and I am heartbroken . RIP

Tapiwa Nigel Chitsaka: But why big sis munoenda without even a goodbye mandirwadzisa — feeling sad.

Ratidzo Eunice Chikowore: Shocking it will forever be. Im still waiting to wake up from the dream then I tell you ‘ndarota uchinzi wafa’ seems it’s a dream that’s not a dream. Recently we were burying Jiggaz and you entertained mourners with your dance moves playing Jata Jata like there was no tommorrow, like we knew you were next and just a few days ago we were in the studio doing what we know best, after the recording you shared how you hustled for your daughter to be at Uni. You also shared a bit on ‘a few more things’…. …. …. Your departure has just reminded me that TOMMORROW IS NOT GUARANTEED tisavarairwe let just love one another, resolve any disputes, forgive each other where we wronged each other, celebrate each other and use TODAY to do our best to inspire others for TOMMORROW IS NOT GUARANTEED. May the Holy Spirit strengthen your daughter Kelly and family. Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba HOW??? WHY??? Just like that?? We need closure, sahwira hauna kubirira game here iwe? Tirikurwadziwa ufunge. REST EASY MAI KELLY our multi talented artist💔💔💔💔

Said Tendai Maduwa: Whatever that’s going on this year Lord we have had enough and it’s getting scarier. Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba , just like that? Let’s normalize checking on each other, than posting condolences messages on social network. One can try to hold on and be stronger each time such bad news is passed on until you have no strength anymore. If there is somewhere strength can be jump started, please direct me in particular there. I can’t take these series of bad news anymore. Eish. Still feels like a dream one would wake up to. Such beautiful souls going. Heavenly father, I don’t know, and I can’t question but eish……

Benson Edwin Idi: Words cannot describe how much i loved You , You look after me gave me some advice when I was in need of it , you play a role like own Mother you always Facebook me ask if am alright our bond was strong no man can destroy. Today death come take one of my special roses my Mother my Sister my friend I will miss this word Mwanangu marwadzisa Mhamha may your soul rest in peace Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 fambai zvakanaka always in my heart ❤

Chipo Precious Basopo: Madirei kudaro nhai Mai Kelly Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba . 💔💔💔 Just last month we did ASSITEJ Virtual together texting you and today mati morara henyu. But why ….. Remember the days you used to bring Kelly ku CHIPAWO supporting. Matibaya panorwadza. Rest in Peace our dear mother…. Masiziva Zororai Murugare … May Kelly find comfort in the Lord.

Doc Vikela: Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba wadada zvako💔💔😭😭😭😭 Rest In Peace cde!!