Zanu PF Stole Our Ideas – MDC Alliance
20 November 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The arrest of MP for Mbare Constituency, Hon Starman Chamisa is totally unacceptable, the MDC Alliance has said.

Hon Chamisa was arrested while attending a private party meeting in Mbare on Thursday.

“The police have arrested the MP for Mbare Constituency Hon Starman Chamisa and others who were attending a private party meeting in Mbare today(Thursday).

Reasons for the arrests are not yet known. The regime is panicking and easily unsettled by any gathering of change agents,” MDC Alliance said.

The party also accused Zanu PF of stealing its ideologies and strategies.

“The regime’s bankruptcy of ideas is astounding. Smart Cities is our concept and rural transformation our program whose tenets are well articulated in our Smart Policy document. Their rural transformation emulates of our DURA programme (Development & Urbanisation of Rural Areas).”