Mubhanditi Takes Java To Cleaners
24 November 2021
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By A Correspondent- Popular Zimdancehall musician Seh Calza says he has lost respect for Passion Java’s controversial preacher, the self-styled prophet.

In an interview with Power FM, this week, Seh Calaz says Passion Java is mad.

This is Calaz’s words:
I now understand his behaviour. He is mad.
He takes everything as jokes but it’s not all matters of life that you can joke about.
I lost respect for him because he claims to be a pastor and yet instead of motivating people he boasts about his wealth
What kind of pastor does that?
I grew up in the ghetto. Does showing off your wealth motivates anyone. How can i motivate young people by calling them thugs while showing off my wealth.
Motivating people and showing off are two different things.

He should also not use his links the (Zanu-PF) party in a wrong way. He uses it to abuse people. A political party doesn’t belong to any single person.
It belongs to the people. Nomatter how wealthy you are, you can’t vote once like everyone else. Even if you have $50 million you can’t vote 10 million times.
You must use a political party to threaten the people. He is mad.