LEAKED- Ezekiel Guti Becomes First Institution to Punish Student Over Lectures’ Remuneration.
28 November 2021
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By A Correspondent | Ezekiel Guti’s university has become the first Zimbabwean institution to persecute a Student Leader who last year advised the Uni about lecturers’ low remuneration which is affecting class attendance. Zim  Ezekiel Guti University has subjected Takudzwa Mukove to disciplinary hearings over the matter.

Ezekiel Guti
Ezekiel Guti sitting at Mnangagwa’s high table

In letters leaked by university sources, seen by ZimEye, the institution which prides itself as one upholding uprightness and Christian virtues, wrote to Mukove in February and a decision was made in June to dismiss the case. But 5 months later, the matter has been brought back up.

One of the letters reads in part: You are hereby charged with the contravention of The Rules of Student Conduct and Discipline
Ordinance 2 of 2020.

32.4. Engage in any conduct whether on campus or off campus which is or is reasonably likely to be harmful to the interests of the university, members of the university staff or students.

Narration of facts giving rise to the charge.

It is alleged that on the 09th of February 2020, you wrote a letter to the Registrar interfering in the labour matters between the Lecturers and their employer, the University and in the process
spreading falsehoods. Your conduct was harmful to the interests of the university and members
of the university staff. You have no right to interfere as you did disciplinary hearing you have the right to appear in person or be represented by a legal
practitioner of your choice at your expense. You also have the right to call witnesses and have
them cross examined. You are sternly warned that in the event that you fail to attend the
disciplinary hearing on the date and time to be announced without a legally valid excuse acceptable to the disciplinary authorities, the disciplinary hearing shall proceed in your absence to the possible detriment of your interests.

A new hearing date has since been set for the 12th Dec 2021.- ZimEye